-Thin Endoscope for Small Animals and Laboratory Animals-


Versatile Probe Line Up
The widest range of ultrathin rigid and flexible mini-endoscope lengths and diameters in the Industry, especially designed for minimally invasive procedures in small ducts and cavities.
Applications beyond diagnostic imaging
Designed for use in small intraductal spaces and cavities, TESALA enhances your diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities beyond cats and dogs to smaller pets and a variety of anatomical locations. TESALA incorporates a growing range of introducers and tools for microendoscopic procedures.
Unparalleled Ergonomics
TESALA was designed from the start with a unique light handpiece allowing the user to hold and focus the endoscope like a pencil for precise microsurgical procedures. Our unique design reduces the need for an extra hand during procedures and results in greater precision and safety in maneuvers.
Compact and Light Video Unit
Eliminate bulky old endoscope units with one of the smallest video control systems in the market at 6.7" x 2.5" x 9.8" and weight 2.6lb in weight. A high quality carrying case is included along with compartments to protect delicate endoscopes for true unit portability. No external light source is required as our handpieces incorporate LED lighting components with more robust and longer lifetime than standard external xenon and halogen light sources.
High Quality Images
Images are captured by state of the art CCD chips and LED lighting. Endoscope range include a variety fiber optic and optical lens options.

Sample image

R10150 R16060 R16060
R10150 R16060 R16060

TESALA is aiming to provide more gentleness and kindness both for animals and users

  • Realize the minimally invasive procedure
  • Simple design, easy to use


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* AE-C1 or TESALA is pet name of the veterinary medical device, AVS thin endoscope system (Product Name).

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